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The magnet fishing is exploring the metal objects in the water bodies with the help of magnets. This sport is the same as metal detecting where objects are spotted using a metal detector on the land. Have you ever thought what is present at the bottom of the lake close to the place of your living? People had done this who were curious enough to tie the magnet with the rope – they were amazed at what they have discovered.

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The magnet fishing is an economical and exciting outdoor hobby that every person can prefer to do. This hobby offers people a chance to relate to their surroundings differently. Visualize experiencing the excitement of a hunt of what you will explore next, the thrill of pushing some metal things out of the water, and can quickly and easily see what is present beneath the surface when you come towards an incredible water spot.


When you start taking part in this hobby, you will feel many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Kids will like to involve in activity with you. You can pass a lot of time having fun with your family.
  • You will get an interest in history when you try to find out things through magnet fishing.
  • The fresh air can assist you in unwinding after a hectic week of office work.
  • You will clean your waterways by the removal of rusty metal objects.
  • It is considered best for exercise, retrieving and throwing the magnets offers the best workout.

All the places contain bodies of water like sewers, canals, dams, creeks, ponds, swamps, rivers, and lakes. Hopefully, you will explore the metals in the areas where people can go, walk and visit. For the remote parts and countryside, you should choose fishing in the regions that are less visited by people. Drop your magnet there if you ever get a chance to go near a drain or an old well.


For magnet fishing, the best magnet is a neodymium magnet. This magnet having a compact size consists of an enormous pull force. Neodymium magnets are among the rarely present and strong magnets. ALWAYS REMEMBER! While handling the magnets, you should be very careful as they can cause harm and can destroy the electronics. Never put two magnets together because they can break from the force.

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Our video presentation was made with 5 camera angles and 5 text animations. In this video is presented out double sided fishing magnet kit with maximum pulling force of 1200lbs.

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The threadlocker prevents the magnet from unscrewing and losing it. Apply the threadlocker to the eyebolt. After it has been applied, screw the magnet on and wait at least 3 hours for it to take effect.

The best knot must withstand all conditions. The Palomar Knot is best known for magnet fishing, as it is considered to be reliable and trustworthy. There are many tutorials on google with recommendations for the best knot.

After each use we recommend that you clean the magnet with antibacterial solutions. This will prevent rust and the magnet can be used longer.

Our magnet is very very strong and it's hard to isolate magnetism 100%. For this reason can't be shipped by air and only by ground.

The best places are the ones populated or where people frequent very often. Google map can help a lot to find these places.

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